Feeling numb   

I keep my self awake  

Praying for no more lies

Please tonight, just tell me what is life

My vision turns to white


Take me out 



Is the truth on the way ?

I’ll never walk this path

Burn me again

The wind is calling out my name 

No time to cry


Take me out 


Let me breath just all night long

Let the dreams come true 

I’ll be your guide

There is no limit 

Bring down the sun

And if I hurt myself

Will you be my guide ?

Take me out


Sleeping heart, you’re never satisfied

I lose control

Don’t cry


Please understand 

I won’t look back again

No need to fight  anymore


Take me out 




Hey life , I need your light


Silence belongs to me

I’m fighting every single day against the devil inside of me

I’m completely crazy 

Not proud  but I was born like this

I want to destroy what I built 


I see you in my dreams 

But you’re not real and everything I touch turns into dust 

I will shape in my dreams

A place where I can live

Only for you and I 


Kiss my tears

Oh oh oh

Don’t know where you are but I want to see you

Kiss my tears

Oh oh oh

Don’t know who you are but I want see you

Cause I miss you 

Lightning© 2017