(Demon, I feel no mercy)

Save me 

Getting crazy  I'm  still going down the drain

Hear my pain

Painful feelings keep running through my veins


Maybe we have to do it once again , 

I'm sure you can keep the secret

Just be great

Play with me and fly with me again  

Take me the highest that you can


Hold me please, 

Stay with me demon

And try to warm me up

My body's hot but I'm freezing

I’m just trying  to live my dreams

But I’m lost

Hold me please and love me demon

My heart seems like a desert

I feel alone that’s why I ‘m screaming

Take my hand before I sleep

Cause I’m lost 


Save me

Getting crazy I feel the tears on my face

For heaven's sake

I need an answer to my prayers  goddammit


 When night is falling I feel like I'm insane

I’m such a mess and I can barely breathe

The vicious cycle repeating on and on

I wanna leave  but I’got to carry on



(Even if I feel no mercy , would you love me? ) 

I feel alone and I'm freezing

I feel no mercy

(Demon, I feel no mercy)

Lightning© 2017